Mason Jennings @ The El Ray Theater, Los Angeles

Written by Big Smile Staff

Mason Jennings @ The El Ray Theater, Los Angeles October 21, 2011


Mason Jennings has more talent in one song than any well-known solo artist’s entire album, and his voice just keeps getting better. With the debut of “Minnesota”, his 15th CD since hitting the scene in 1997 and a recent show at the El Rey in Los Angeles, if you haven’t heard of Mason Jennings right now is your time.

Seeing Mason Jennings on October 21st for the first time at the historic El Rey Theater and hearing both his new songs and the old ones fans love was a breathtaking experience. Older songs like “Butterfly”, and “Drinking as Religion” (which he played on the harpsichord), bounced off the walls of the theater and filled the audience with cheers. His voice is a mixture of grit and purity, Mason has the ability to convince you that whatever might happen throughout life is going to end just fine.

When he sang “Bitter Heart” from the new cd, the lyrics “Once a liar, once a cheater yes your light went underground, I have seen it here inside me and that light is what was found” the entire crowd was stunned silent. Listening to “Minnesota” offers your ears a shoulder to cry on and meets your heart’s desires, each song vividly haunting and beautiful.

Mason Jennings’ music highlights the folk rock craze that is getting big right now, and takes it to another level. Touching on history, failure, romance and children’s music, he creates another world for any mood or age. He continues to get a 5 star rating in my music collection.

Writen by: Jayme Bommerito, California
Photography by Jayme Bommerito, California

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