Lowtalker - Marathon EP

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Lowtalker - The Marathon EP
lowtalker - the marathon ep
Posted 4 months ago, Oct 22, 2012, by Big Smile Magazine Official Writer Pageand Alyssa Hawley.

Featured Artists: Lowtalker; Genre: Hardcore;
Right away when I heard the first song and listened to the chorus ring out “So meet me out behind the parking lot of your school” I knew this band had me. This is a super-band consisting of members of Comeback Kid and Misery Signals. The band was previously signed to F*ck City Records whose roster includes post-hardcore and metal bands such as Burning Empires, Misery Signals, and (not so metal) Fall Out Boy. Currently the band is affiliated with No Sleep Records whose roster is a bit larger and more diverse with bands like Aficionado, Into It. Over It, La Dispute, and The Wonder Years.

The whole album is really aggressive with a lighthearted feel, typical to what I would expect from members of Comeback Kid. Something you can really get into alone for something to sing/scream along to and in a crowd to raise your fists and feel the music. I enjoy how The Marthon EP starts out with “Like Minnows”. It is a great starter song to get you in the mood for the album. My favorite track would be “Barstow” from the heavy drum and crunchy guitar introduction right to the haunting lyrics “ cold set of eyes / they follow you to every room”. Really, each track holds its own weight as it is a strong album both lyrically and musically. I was very impressed with this piece and I know you will be too.

-Alyssa Hawley



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