Love Thyne

Written by Josh Snider

Posted Jul 5, 2006, by Josh Snider.

Featured Artists: Love Thyne; Genre: Hardcore;
General Heavy (vocals)
Dino (guitar)
Slicky Mo DP (guitar)
Boy-O (bass)
Matt (drums)

What got you interested in playing hardcore? Umm, metallica, megadeth in elementary school. Than in Jr.High I went to an unashamed show. Helmet, slayer, entombed, disembodied, unbroken, unashamed you know all the goodies like squirrel biscuits. Hanging out at the nuke(comic shop) with Christian and listening to everything that he listens to.
I don't mean to name drop, but I was good friends with Keith Barney in high school and we started a band with Dino called collapse. That kind of morphed into Adam Antium, and that just led to me going to all these shows and being straight edge and learning about hardcore and getting into the scene and stuff. I used to listen to ZAO like back in 9th grade and pretty much went from there.

How many shows have you guys' played in the last 6 months? Way to many, probably about 30, more than we should have.

What has been your best show? The key club. No, webbers. We played a sold out show at Chain Reaction that was good times.

Where was your first show? We played at nuclear comics and out drummer didn't show up so we had a punk bands drummer play with us, that was back in April. But our first real show was at hogue barmichaels in may and we got Matt in June and his first show was at hogue barmichaels.

What do you think about breakthrough fest? Stoked for it, Orange County needs this because there's nothing like this. I can't wait for next year, it is going to be bigger and better.

What inspires most of your lyrics? Life, umm whatever causes me to think you know? I have "thanks for the note" about a time i went through, a month where i knew 3 people that committed suicide and that whole song goes out to that. Song by song it depends. Anything from coke addiction, suicide. "Mr.Responsibility" is one of our older ones. there's this guy named Greg who raped a chick and got away with it and now he's somewhat in jail but he's one of the Orange County Sheriff's sons. Something that makes me mad or something that inspires me.

Do you guys have any advice for people starting a band? Don't. Practice, don't play shows til' you are absolutely positive that you are ready. Practice til' your hands are bleeding. You don't want to play a show and sound sloppy because first impressions, are the biggest thing. Get opinions from people that aren't your friends because they'll be more legit with you.

What inspired you guys to play? I love it, it's fun just to get up. The kids, the crowd, umm and it's like there's a lot of stuff, maybe just because I’m doing vocals but, it's stuff that I probably would have bottled up but I get to release it through song, and if someone wants to listen to it hey that's great.

What do you guys want to see happen through music in the future? World peace. In ourselves getting on a label and going on tour. In general whatever Bono says. Metal and Hardcore becoming mainstream. Being able to have piercings and tattoos in my work place without having these old people looking at me weird.

Do you guys have any funny stories? Matt has a stalker. Thanks for putting me on the spot. I have this stalker who comes to our shows, she'll be here tonight unfortunately, she makes us cupcakes that say love thyne and have our names on em. She's a sight for sore eyes. She's just a, she's a real sweet girl, but she's just to much. She's out of control when it comes to Love Thyne. At her first show she bought all of our pins and like 3 of our shirts. She bought three more tickets than she needed to for BreakThrough Fest, which accounts for the money I turned in. She's just you know? She's cool but she's crazy.

How do your parents responds to your guys' playing music? My mom digs it, but I don't really dig it. My mom decided to wear leather pants to a show and it wasn't like metal mom but it was like show where we had 150 people there just for us and my mom was walking around. And I could just picture some guy, probably one of my friends asking her if she wants a drink, and I feel really awkward about that. I just needed to get that off my chest. No one says my mom's a milf, she's not. She's like a Meg Ryan you know? Meg Ryan's no milf, She's cute.
My mom's hilarious she's always telling me to film shows and show her. So I showed her this video and she was like why does this sound so horrible. She thought Christians mic was broken the whole time because she said he sounded like a tiger.

Would you like to say anything to the fans reading this? Thank you for putting up with our bullshit, buy our merch, tell your friends. Keep coming to our shows and thank you for the support it means the world to us.



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