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Posted Apr 13, 2011, by Dave Scotford

It’s getting rarer and rarer to be able to come across anything new in music these days. Everything has all be done or tried before. Well isn’t that a depressing way to start an article? It gets better, I promise.

Happily Loftbeat have crafted a sound similar to something you’ve heard before, but you can’t quite put your finger on where. That’s a good thing. You have the comfort of not being pushed away into something totally unknown and confusing but their sound is new enough to stretch the imagination a little. Their music echoes of The Stones, Joy Division and Oasis but with twists from the modern music world.

Loftbeat are a four piece rock and roll band from Cheltenham (UK). Yeah, this is me talking about another British based band on an American based magazines website, but I feel passionate about these guys. Describing themselves as Post Punk Rock and Roll they’ve hit the nail on the head perfectly. Their aim is pretty simple – “to bring back true Rock and Roll to today’s stages”.

All too often I come across a band and think ‘great music, but where’s everything else you need to make it in music?’ Loftbeat clearly have most things sorted out; great photography, well recorded and produced music and an expanding gig calendar set to push them all around the country. There’s an exciting grass-roots music scene starting to brew up in the Cheltenham area and these guys are yet another superb name hailing from the area.

The young band are made up of Joe Richardson (Vocal & Guitar), Torin Worthington (Guitar), Rory Moore (Bass) and Pete Moore (Drums).

Hundreds of thousands of young people pick up instruments each year and roughly the same amount of adults put them down when their life starts to get serious and they settle down. Hopefully these guys keep going because they’re superbly talented. I’d keep an eye out for these guys. They’re coming.

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