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Written by Jonny Havoc

LB Skate Shop
co owner Tim Scanlan II
Posted Feb 15, 2012.

Hey Tim, How's everything going today?

Super Busy...always have a task at hand to be working on.

When did you start LB Skate?

My wife Carrie and I started our shop in May of 2010. Her father has owned and operated LA Skate since 1978. So one could say its the family business

You and LB Skate are very involved with all the youth in Long Beach, How has that helped you guys and how have you help the youth?

Keeping the community hyped on skateboarding is one of the pillars for our shop. The role of the skate shop should be to organize events, raise money for non-profits, and use skateboarding as a means of empowering the youth. Skateboarding is a culture. It is a way of life. It doesn't matter if you know how to kick-flip or not, what matters is that when you fall, you get back up and try again.

Skateboarding and Music go hand in hand, what albums are always playing at the shop?

We keep a steady stream flowing of Pandora playlists. The playlists depends on who is at the helm that day. When I am in there I have a playlist that mixes old school punk, instrumental hip hop, and oldies. But when the homie Mikey Chim is in here it is strictly motown and hits from the 60's.

Whats your favorite album to skate to?

Tough one - I am a sucker for DJ Shadow. His newest album "The Less You Know, The Better" There is extreme highs in the mixes he creates, as well as down tempo BARNICLE that makes you catch your breath. I am a fan of dj's that are vinyl purists. The ones that only create tracks out of samples they took directly from records. I love records. Thus I love dj's that make sick music from records.

What are some of the steps it takes to get a product in LB Skate for a clothing company, a new deck company or a new skate video?

Hard hittin questions here. Dude there isn't a week that some dude comes in here trying to get me to sell his t-shirt brand. It is awesome, and they are most of the time extremely creative, but if we started carrying a bunch of random shirt companies in here we would lose a sense of our identitiy. We are really focusing on our brand of clothing, decks, and accessories. But we definitely carry other companies that are in hot in demand for skateboarding and the culture. We get a lot of homies in here that don't skate that love the skate brands, we love it. Our usual rule on new products is that someone needs to demand it before we bring it in.

Who are some people that you like that are in both, the skate and music industry? (Example Duane Peters or Mike Vallely)

UH - those two specifically. I remember being 14 at a U.S. Bombs show in the front row getting spit on by Duane, and thinking "WOah!!! THis is what life is all about!!"
Ironically, both of those dudes live in Long Beach now. Duane just filmed a video for Flip skateboards in our shop last January. Mike V also live in LB, but that guy stays really busy. THere are tons of skaters that want to be rock stars, and rockers that want to be skaters. THey both bite on each others style a lil bit - its just the way it is. Geoff Rowley just did some work on the recent Motorhead album. That is pretty cool - I gotta check it out. Oh yeah, Geoff also lives in LB too.

You have held some events like a game of S.K.A.T.E. and little skate comps, how have they gone in the past?

They have been amazing. It is so rad to see the progression of street skating. We have held a few S.K.A.T.E. contests this year and more to come.

Decks are always breaking, bearing will get sand in them and trucks will snap, what are some creative ways you seen or done to use these as art or reuse them?

We offer a program for everyone to get a $2 credit if they bring in a broken board and add to our boneyard. We in turn sell these broken or cracked decks to artist for the same $2, which they use for canvases. We have had many artists come and stock up on broken boards for creative projects. I just recently cut about 100 decks down into small 3" by 5" tiles to make a sock rack. I also used these tiles as name cards for my wedding last July. It was rad!
We also accept busted and old wheels that we take to a special recycling plant that breaks them down and reuses them.

What should people do with old skate board parts they find in the garage?

You would be surprised how much your old skateboard in the garage could be worth. If it is a collectible there is always some guy out there on the hunt for it. But more than likely all the old products just need a little TLC, and then they can be salvageable. The old parts could be given to one of the many kids that come in here all the time with no money, but want to skate. We gotta get everyone rolling, so if you have some old stuff in your garage, hook up some kid with it.

Whats your favorite skate park?

The streets
But Cherry Park in Long Beach is pretty cool.

When you throw events do you ever have bands play or ever have any bands play at the shop?

We have not had bands play at our events, but that is something that we would love to look into for the future. We usually do our event with a tight budget.
We just moved next door into a place twice the size, and we are planning to have monthly art shows, showcasing local artists. And, of course we would love to showcase local musicians as well. Skateboarding, art, and music are one and the same. We are that shop that unites them all.

What are some of your top brands you carry?

Every skateboard brand on the planet. We always have over 100 boards in stock, tons of cruisers and longboards, old school decks, and we can special order any product out there. We have a great selection of shoes, Fallen, DC, Cons, Emerica, Es, and many other brands. We have a massive selection. You need to just come in and check it out.

We have big smiles on all day over here at LB SKATE!!!


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