Kyle Logan @ Genghis Cohen 6/13/10 (Emo/Acoustic)

Written by rickmurder

Kyle Logan live at Genghis Cohen. Written Jun 13, 2010.

The crowd was amped in a small little hall of the restaurant. Kyle stepped on stage and greeted everyone. Without hesitation everyone replied joyiously with anticipation of the acoustic melodys to tantalize their brains. By the ending of the first song, the group errupted in ecstatic cheering as if they saw their favorite band for the first time. But while each song was being played, the crowd was dead silent hanging on every single word that he had to say as if they could learn something or better their lives. Kyle stands on the small stage as a confident well rounded individual ready to tell the world what he has to say and deliver his enthusiasm for his art. Later in the evening, after his set, I had a chance to meet up and ask whether he is a solo artist or not cause he did have someone in the background playing slide guitar and some acoustic backups. He said that it was a good friend of his that helps when he can at some shows but primarily he is a solo artist. Also talking to him, I got to get a feel about how humble and excited he is for being a musician and that he would love nothing more just to meet every single one of his fans.

In a industry full of electric tones and every kid thinking they could play a acoustic guitar, I would have to say Kyle stands on a pillar above all. The songs stick to your brain like taffy sticks to your teeth with different dynamic melodys and beats that makes you want to stand up and sing along. This is one those artists that you could put on in your car, house, on the beach and just enjoy: it's inspiring and calming at the same time. He is worth seeing live and when he gets a bigger album out go out and by it immediately.

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