Kramies (Folk/Indie/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Posted Oct 27, 2010.

How is everything going today?

Today is very well indeed thank you, I've been packing for a tour which starts tomorrow - I'm a bit of a silly mess getting ready, but I'm excited.

How long as Kramies been around and who's in it?

Well, I'm Kramies...I'm a singer/songwriter and over the years I've worked with a changing cast of musicians. For the past 8 years, I've been working with David Paolucci - a genius musician and a great friend. I'm also fortunate to work with Producer and friend, Todd Tobias (Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard), over the past several years. Both David and Todd help make my albums beautiful and truly understand me and my writing.

Kramies is an Indie/Folk band from Colorado, could you break down Kramies a little more for us?

I'm originally from Ohio where I started as a singer/songwriter. I believe my style comes from a strange yet, whimsical view of life. I love most of all, to write lyrics which come to me from an unknown poetic space. Also, I'm attracted and influenced by haunting imagery and the eeriness of old world tales.

Kramies has a lot going on right now from a Ireland tour, New E.P., Radio appearances, 2 different compilations have been released with your song on it (including the Big Smile Magazine Comp). Your on the verge of this tidal wave just waiting to hit. How do you feel?

It's so great! I'm very grateful for everything that is happening. I am completely excited to spend time in a beautiful country, such as Ireland. Also, I look forward to the Big Smile Magazine Comp - my song on the compilation "Oceanographer", is one of my favorites. Actually it has been recorded 3 different times, each in a different manor.

Will you be playing a live set or doing interviews or both when you will be on air in Ireland?

The radio part of the tour will be both an interview and my playing a few songs acoustically.

Tell us a little about your new E.P.

"The European" is a small collection of slightly raw demos I wrote and recorded in my coat closet at my home in Colorado. After recording, I sent them off to Dave Paolucci back in Ohio where he finished the rest of the instrumentation and piecing together with the help from drummer, Charlie Druesedow.

What do you think your next step in your musical career is?

Oh that's a wondrous question. It will be a fantastic step whatever it may be! - I will be happy just to grow as a singer/songwriter.

What is one band you would like to one day open for?

There are so many artists I would be honored to work with, I wouldn't know where my list would begin.

Thanks so much for doing an interview with Big Smile Magazine, I really enjoy your music and look forward to watching your music climb the latter. Any last words to your fans reading this interview?

Thank you for listening and I hope I've made you smile - with Big Smile Magazine!

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