Jimmy Eat World @ The US Open 8/23/11

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Posted Aug 23, 2011, by Meesh!.

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Alright so hey readers! I know this is a bit late but I was asked to write about my experience at the show that took place at the US Open in Huntington Beach, CA on Friday, August 5th. As a contributor to this site, I haven't written in a long time! Will do my best to try and write more often!

So I went to the US Open with a few friends and we actually rode bikes from my house down to where all the action was going on. It was hot, crowded, and dust from the sand was flying everywhere. They have a boardwalk that you can walk on which definitely prevented my feet from cooking. We got there around 4:00 or so and we were told that they would let us into the stage area at 4:30 I think it was.

They had the main floor area divided into two sections, left and right, and in between was an area where all the security people could walk up and down to keep control of the crowd (I will get into that later). Anyways, security was individually checking bags for people that had them, which blew my mind that they took the time to do that for so many people. Security was really strict this year at the US Open. I attended last year's free shows and even Weezer didn't have as tight as security. Some people tried to bypass getting their bags checked but were immediately yelled at to come back by the police/security people. I patiently just waited my turn because everyone was just going insane anyways, whatever right?

I was lucky enough that I was against the fence, in the middle of the split crowd and could lean against it for a great view of the center of the stage. That's what I thought at least.

First, a band called Dead Country opened up for Jimmy Eat world. They weren't really my style honestly, but the crowd was moshing and crowd surfing to them, so they must have been popular /well liked. I hadn't ever heard of them before personally myself. There was one woman in front of me most likely in her mid 40s that was so stoked on Dead Country, must have been a regular fan, because I watched her sing every word to each song, quite entertaining to see how into the band's music she was.

I want to say something that totally annoys me though when I am at shows. Cameras. And security. I understand that the show needs to get filmed and pictures need to be taken for press, records, and for the media, but sometimes all my eyes focused on were the cameras! Like where is that camera going? Are they taking a picture of me? Woah don't take a picture of me! Oh hey look at them yell at the camera to me on TV. It's hard to focus on the band when so much else is going on around you! Especially the security. They had eyes locked and looking around at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! If someone was crowd surfing or moshing, the security guards, wearing their bright red shirts, would literally climb up onto the crowd dividing fence, and jump onto people, body slamming them down! Which would end up injuring the innocent people just trying to enjoy the show! Even I was climbed over, since I was standing leaning on the fence that divided the crowd in two. My friend had to protect me and push people's weight off of me and I had to duck under him, I almost got kicked in the face and the back of the head a few times. It really was crazy in the pit! Each time someone went up to crowd surf, they were immediately knocked down and taken out. I just wish that the security maybe stood in the crowd itself to monitor things if that's what they wanted to do. Oye! It really was annoying.

Whew. Well when Jimmy Eat World went on, it was amazing! I've been into this band for quite some time, and hadn't ever gotten the chance to see them live, let alone free! They played all their hits and some of their new stuff. The whole crowd sang along to "Sweetness" of course, and "The Middle," I especially loved when they played "Get It Faster," "Here You Me," and "Pain." The crowd was full of so much energy, so much moshing and crowd surfing, the most I think I've seen since I saw Slayer years ago. Really everyone was just stoked to be there, and it really was a treat to be there in the middle of it all. I enjoyed singing along to each song and had a great view of Jim Adkins (lead vocals,guitar). Surprsingly, and I think I remember correctly, but there was no encore! I was bummed about that, but overall it was so amazing to finally see them live in person right in front of me, and so close too! I was about 6 rows or so away from the stage. Love Jimmy Eat World!

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