Ink-n-Iron @ Queen Mary 6/8/08

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 16, 2008, by ME.


I’ve never been to the Queen Mary, so it was pretty cool that I got to see the Queen Mary. Pretty dope cars, great bands, and the highlight of Ink-n-Iron was all the girls. If you don’t know what Ink-n-Iron is, it’s a car show/tattoo convention/concert. Ink n Iron is more of a Rockabilly/Psychobilly theme. There’s the tattoo area with artists from shops around the world doing tattoos and selling tattoo related tools. If this already sounds like Musink, that’s because it’s the same type of event except for Kat Von D. As you’re walking area to area, you see vintage cars everywhere you walk. I don’t know anything about cars, but these cars were awesome. I wish I could dip in one of them. Of course there are the $5 beers, $3 waters, and the $8 sandwiches which are really good but are they really worth $8. Sometimes I hate big events like this and Warped Tour is going to be the same thing. Err!! As you were walking from the Queen Mary to the Main Stage you would be passing through many clothing and accessories tents. So much good merch and thanks to Michelle for selling me a vendor pass and saving me $10. As far as the music goes it was The G D Gallows, Rezurex, Deadbolt, Haloghost, Frenzy, and Mad Sin. It was pretty good and I would go again. It’s just the dent it puts in your pocket that’s the problem.

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