Indie Collision 6/3/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Inde Collision Round 1 w/ Uptown hero, Skyline Drive, Jumping The Gun, Rozaline, Drop The Weapon, Curious Primate 6/3/07

Posted Jun 7, 2007, by Big Hoss.

Indie Collision Round 1 Presented by Ambiguous Clothing

Uptown hero was alright, if you like blink 182 then you will like this band. I thought at first they were a blink 182 cover band they sound almost exactly like them. They were not half bad actually, but I think now and days you need to make new and fresh music and that was not exactly what they were doing when they played. One song they performed was a song that sounded like “Dammit” off of Dude Ranch so with saying that they are cool to listen to but id like to hear something new and fresh and not something that’s been done before if you would like to check them out you can go to

Skyline Drive was cool, they are an easygoing rock band previously called Autumn Angel, and they have a unique sound witch I can’t place my finger on to tell you all how and what they sound like. I cant say dashboard and I cant say a few other band names, but check them out for your self on there old myspace and their new one is so check them out.

Jumping The Gun was horrible and they sounded like just a bunch of noise put together and it was not enjoyable at all and they need to work on a lot before they play any more shows. The vocals were just as bad as the guitars. The drummer was good but other then that nothing was presentable. Sorry to sound like Simon Cowell, but the truth is they need to work on a lot of stuff but if you would like to check them out go to

Rozaline was pretty awesome I loved their music. They are an ambient/rock band that comes from New Hampshire and now resides in Southern California. There sound is really unique and it really stood out from all the other bands that night and their stuff was new it was fresh and it was rockin. I say no matter what genre you listen to give these guys a chance they are well worth the time to listen to. Check them out on myspace listen to some of the songs on their page and add them and show them some love.

Drop The Weapon was pretty amazing I would have to say, even though they currently do not have a singer. This band live had so much raw power and energy and just because they do not have a singer does not mean they cant rock out and put on a great show. Not only was I in to it but the crowd was in to it as well. This 6-piece band comes from Cerritos, CA and whatever they are doing they need to keep it up because it’s good. Check them out on myspace and if you are a singer who is looking for a band you might want to try out for these guys.

Curious Primate was awesome as well and there stuff is rock/funk/experimental and its really good. They flowed really good as a band and they were really tight and well put together. During some over there songs you can hear some of there influences come out I know for sure they listen to Rage Against The Machine and you can hear it in some of the more powerful parts in some of there songs and Jimi Hendrix on some of the softer parts. They are one of those bands you can put on at a party and people would dance to it. They put on a great set so check them out on myspace and make sure to go to their shows and pick up their cd.

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Congratulations to all the bands who made it to the next round

note: Judging done by 3rd party judges, Bands alive does not take part in the judging process.

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