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Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Oct 4, 2011, by Amanda Flores.

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Before taking a listen to the dynamic duo from North Carolina, IAMDYNAMITE, I did a quick research on just what consists of a band who declares itself as such. Would they be quirky and cute pop rockers as I had presumed? Or would they turn out to be unruly, rambunctious rebels? A quick search on YouTube and I soon found my expectations, unfavorable as they were, in an up spring toward a new level of delight - a new level of indie, unruly, pop rock delight.

IAMDYNAMITE is made up of a pair of Chris’s, Chris Martin and Chris Phillips, friends since beginning the band (formerly known as Mahoney). Phillips’ catchy drum beats and Martin’s mildly sweet and distinct vocals provide for songs that can only be described as frantic composure. This amalgam of contradiction can be heard on their newly released album SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC, a collection of tunes that manages to satisfy yet somehow leaves you wanting more. It is an ironic reaction, sure, but it is one that makes for fervent hand clapping and impulsive shout-alongs with tunes like “Ms. Jones,” whose solid and hearty drum beats evolve into a rhythmic, tribal rock out.

Their debut album showcases the unique, visceral musical style they have established through communal melodies and anthemic feel in songs like “Where Will We Go” and “Hi Lo.” This pair of indie rockers create deliciously boisterous tunes, with addictive dance hooks, and a groove that will promise to fulfill your aural appetite. The album promises for a good time as it progresses from one lively tune to the next; Indulge in the euphonic tempo, and sweet surprise of a mexican trumpet, in “Riot In The Neon Light” and savor the sulky, bittersweet cadence on the final track “Annie.”

Their name true to their word-- IAMDYNAMITE is one band that you will want to experience. They are currently touring the U.S. throughout September and October, so be sure to check them out! To find out more about tour dates and where you can pick up their album visit their official band site iamdynamite.com.

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