I am Alpha & Omega - The Roar Of The Whisper (HxC)

Written by rickmurder

I am Alpha and Omega - The Roar Of The Whisper
Posted Sep 30, 2010.

Great hardcore band, they bring me back to what I was listening to in 2003. Each track has awesome heavy guitars and double bass beats. They definitley remind me of old Underoath , early Atryeu, and from Autumn To Ashes. Throughout each track has a digital effect playing in the back ground which almost gives the album a futuristic experimental feel. Each song has a driving force of clean vocals screaming out the lyrics followed by awesome sing along “screamo parts” I Am Alpha and Omega does bring the chuggy breakdowns into most of there songs which if your into hardcore and poppy metal core you will be in hog heaven. Overall this album is great to listen to, well produced, very clean the band performs amazing with there exceptional timing and brutal riffs. So in conclusion if you are into the old screamo hardcore before it went sour this band will take you back and I would highly recommend purchasing there album on itunes.

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