HIVE, Daddy Kev & APX-1 @ RESPECT

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Dec 3, 2007, by MELODY.

Hive and the rest of the crew rinsed it out proper Thursday night at RESPECT. The Junglist Platoon brought out some top notch talent for L.A. Bassheads with APX-1, Daddy Kev, and Hive on the decks. The dirt and grime spewing from those speakers had every Junglist filthy!

When we arrived Daddy Kev was tearing up the decks spinning Glitch-Hop aka Freakbeat or Break-Hop. It doesn't matter what you call it, this music was crazy. I was expecting to hear some Drum and Bass when I walked in the door, but instead I got Daddy Kev's live cuts of this hip hop influenced, broken, glitchy music. He was pretty much spinning whatever he wanted, as long as it had some broken beat and hip hop, electro flava. Everyone kind of look confused as to why we were hearing this at a Drum and Bass party, but seemed to be into the hop. The live production and funky beats made his set funktastic. Before this night, I had never heard of Daddy Kev, but apparently he is quite the producer. He has been mentioned as one of top producers in the underground scene in music publications across the country.

"Daddy Kev delivers productions that are both brainy and funky, abstract yet accessible, packing enough boom-bap and nod factor to make DJ Premier approve while still satisfying geeky backpacker rap snobs." -- L.A. Weekly

The night was just getting started with Daddy Kev's make you want to bob your head funky music. I was ready for some dirty, make you want to wash your clothes filthy sounding Drum and Bass from Hive. Filthy is what I wanted, so filthy is what I got! Hive, founder of Violence Record label, threw down tons of hard beats including some tracks he produced with Keaton. "Bring It On”, although played out a bit, was the track that got the place jumping. I may have heard it a million times, but I must admit its hip hop beats infused with some hard bass lines make it a stompa!

Throughout the years, Hive has produced tracks that have become anthems in the Drum and Bass scene. His tracks have appeared on the soundtracks to "The Matrix" movies and have been played in Drum and Bass clubs across the world. Anthems such as "The Plague" and "Neo" have made Hive one of the most respected producer/DJ's in the scene.

"Hive is one of L.A.'s biggest producers, the whole set was awesome," said DJ Q.45. "

What I like most about RESPECT is the musical variety they provide every Thursday night. APX-1 was building the nostalgic vibe upstairs with some good ol' 90s techno. Normally I might have been embarrassed to start bustin a move to C&C Music Factory's "Gonna Make you Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)," but I wasn't the only one groovin to this 90s hit. Everyone was working up a sweat to the sounds of MC Hammer and many other 90s artists. A little bit of electro, hip hop, and dance music will get anybody in their dancing shoes.

"Respect is the biggest, baddest, strongest been going on the longest, nine years running! I'm there for the whole show, and I love the vibe in that place. They always bring out great talent, which is why they have earned the name RESPECT," said DJ Q.45


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