Hell Or Highwater Stage AE

Written by marinakarenbauer

Artists: Hell Or Highwater & The Darkness
Genre: Rock N Roll/Glam Rock

Never in all my years of attending concerts have I ever had this much fun. Let me give you the basic run-down. Doors open at 7 p.m. on the dot at Stage AE. From there on, me and my best friend Shannon go to scope out the venue. To our immediate left is promotions for future shows. To our right is the elongated bar that slides down to almost the end of the room. At the far corner of the room is a tiny stage that the venue uses for "cafe shows." This table had merch strewn across it.

Now, me and my friend Shannon happened to meet the most amazing engaged couple, and chatted it up with them for the hour that led up to the beginning of the concert. It was quaint, about 200 people or so, in a room that could at least hold 600.

At 8 p.m. a light melodic tone drifted out of the speakers and the lights started flashing. When the melodic tone faded, and the drums started to come in, you noticed that the drummer of Hell Or Highwater had snuck up onto the stage and had started to open for his band.

I'm supposing that very few people knew them, not only because that they were supporting The Darkness, but because they all looked confused. As their first song started up, I couldn't help but stand in shock.


It didn't stop there. Brandon Saller, the vocalist, knew he had to make his band be remembered, and he worked himself to the bone. From everything up to and including: getting people to sing his songs, dancing their asses off, and even coming off stage and into the crowd to dance and take pictures with him, nothing could have made his performance any better.

Not only did they really come to life outside of their album, they were amazingly nice and brought a high-energy performance. After their set, they came to the merch tables, offering to sign cds and just shake hands. They wanted audience feedback. I couldn't resist.

Me and Shannon walked up to them and congratulated them. They were down-to-earth and appreciative, shaking hands with me and offering hugs. Shannon and I even talked to the drummer for a moment about his tattoos.

When we'd come back from talking to Hell Or Highwater, we were pumped up for The Darkness. They were just as amazing as H.H.W. We danced, moshed, and even made it to the front rows. It was hectic but the most spectacular adrenaline rush I've ever felt.

By 10:30, The Darkness had finished their set. They of course, were brought back on by a well-deserved encore.

Now, since I don't have a quality camera, nor am I stupid enough to take one to a concert, since I do tend to mosh, my new friend Rich Kulbacki, took some pictures for me. He got some kick-GRASS shots of both bands.

I really can't wait for the next show for either band because that was hands down the most high-energy, best crowd experience, and down-to-earth shows I've ever been to. 


Above is members of Hell Or Highwater
Below is members of The Darkness


(all photo credits go to Rich Kulbacki)

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