Hardline Ent. Spring Music Comp.

Written by Josh Snider


Download Free Music From Authority Zero, Hoist The Colors, The Darlings,
The Bunny Gang, Nations Afire, Versus The World, Neo Geo and more!

March 7, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Burgeoning Hermosa Beach independent record label Hardline Entertainment has announced the release of their semi-annual music sampler called Hardline Entertainment Music Comp 3, which is available for FREE download now! Hardline has teamed up with Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards to share the comp with the masses.

Download Hardline Entertainment Music Comp 3 now at bit.ly/1ihltAn.

The spring Music Comp will include music from the label’s eclectic lineup of bands like Authority Zero, Hoist The Colors, Neo Geo, Nations Afire (feat. Chris Chasse ex-Rise Against, Nik Hill and Brett Rasmussen of Ignite), The Sparring, Templeton Pek, Yotam Ben Horin (of Useless ID), Donald Spence and Versus The World (feat. Mike Davenport of The Ataris, Chris Flippin of Lagwagon) as well as sneak peeks at upcoming 2014 releases by Chaos Delivery Machine (feat. Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise, Justin Thirsk and Jason Page of 98 Mute), The Bunny Gang (feat. Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly), The Darlings and Litchfield.

Follow Hardline Entertainment at www.facebook.com/HardlineEntertainment for news and updates regarding upcoming 2014 releases.

Hardline Entertainment Music Comp 3 Track List:
1. What Are You Waiting For - Templeton Pek
2. Signs and Symbols - Hoist The Colors
3. Lift One Up - Authority Zero (Sean-Good Riddance)
4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Neo Geo
5. Into The Blues - Yotam Ben Horin (Yotam-Useless ID)
6. Get Outta Your Own Way - The Darlings
7. The New Testament - Chaos Delivery Machine (Fletcher-Pennywise/Justin & Jason-98 Mute)
8. Sirens Through The City - The Bunny Gang (Nathan-Flogging Molly)
9. One Perfect Day - Nations Afire (Chris-Ex Rise Against/Brett & Nik-Ignite)
10. The Late Shift - Donald Spence (Donald-Versus The World)
11. Face Down - The Sparring
12. Money - Litchfield
13. We Were Alive - Versus The World (Mike-The Ataris/Chris-Lagwagon)

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