Haivyn - S/T (Rock)

Written by rickmurder

Posted Dec 30, 2008.

I have actually had a chance to see these folks rock out, and wow they put on a rad
live performance. so before i even get to the cd i thought i would mention to go see them for sure. Now down to work, the cd i very well mastered clean sounding not to scratchy like it was made in a garage. The musical aspect i very well spread out. they go from rockish, trashy beats to trippy rhythmic beats. Denise as the the lead vocals shread with pitches familur to janis joplin, brody, and joan jet but she still manages to stand out from the rest. The band also likes to throw in some classic feel like late 70's and early 90's, and current musical styles, then they wrap it up with a nice little bow and slams it into your face. If this cd doesn't get you moving via in the car in your room in the shower, then you are dead.

would I reconmend it? hell yea!!!!!!!
see them live? yes sir
would I reconmend to
buy the cd? yessum
rating 1-10: 9

keep rockin
rick murder



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