Growing Pains, Trees Above Mandalay

Written by marinakarenbauer

Album:  Growing Pains 
Artist:  Trees Above Mandalay
Release Date:  February 19, 2013
Released Under:  Big Picture Media
Genre:  Alternative Rock

Recently, Trees Above Mandalay, a five piece band from New Jersey, released Growing Pains, a twenty five minute LP.  This EP is released with Big Picture Media and welcomes fans and newcomers alike.  For the newcomers, they are for people who are also fans of Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Fall Out Boy, and Mayday Parade.  

With only 6 tracks, you don't get much time for making a name, but Trees Above Mandalay are sure to make sure you remember them.

Growing Pains starts out with a track entitled "Everything I Wish I Didn't Know." It's fast start makes your heart race in suspense of what is to follow.  By the time the lyrics drop in on the perfectly set up cue, you feel like you are ready for an all-out brawl to begin.  While the chorus makes you ride emotions like a roller-coaster it always lets you down gently and rises perfectly.  Perhaps you start to think of some of the truth you've come to know through growing up that you didn't quite put together as a kid, or you think about your future, but either way, this song will have you closing your eyes and enveloping yourself in the music.  

The second track is what made me compare Trees Above Mandalay to Fall Out Boy and Sleeping With Sirens.  While the style of the music reminds me of something Kellin Quinn could just as easily sing along to, the lyrics make me think that it might be Pete Wentz inspired.  Okay, the title definitely makes me believe just as much as well.  The backing vocals are Patrick Stump inspired at any rate.  Anyways, "I'm Leading, You're Biting" is the perfect song to show your friends if they happen to be interested in Fall Out Boy or Sleeping With Sirens.  It's edgy and shows the alternative rock colors of the band. 

"We'll Sleep Just Fine," the fourth track, is easily a track I could repeat all day and still be listening to by the time I go to sleep.  This has the ring of SWS as well, but this is where I feel like Trees Above Mandalay really makes you remember their name.  They push past all of the preconceived notions of an alternative rock EP and throw all of their emotion into this song.  It has the perfect tempo with an awesome break-down.  It'll have your mind spinning so fast you won't know which way is up.  

The last track, "Easy As Breathing," slows your thinking.  It's almost as if the band's preparing you for the end of their EP, and saying "see you later."  The vocals are soothing and will lull you into a happy calm while the music gently reminds you that they'll be back soon.  

Overall, I'd give this EP a 8 out of 10.  I loved all of the songs, except Non Compos Mentis and Easy As Breathing.  The intro to both tracks, brought down the quality of the songs.  Both are great but the intro just turned me off.  I could have also done without the first twelve or so seconds in Non Compos, and The first 8 of Easy As Breathing.  

Growing Pains is available on iTunes right now, and you can check Trees Above Mandalay out on Facebook. 

Trees Above Mandalay on Facebook

'Growing Pains' On iTunes

Track Listing:
1.  Everything I Wish I Didn't Know
2.  I'm Leading You're Biting
3.  We Felt Like Astronauts
4.  We'll Sleep Just Fine
5.  Non Compos Mentis
6.  Easy As Breathing 

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