GRIMEY CLICK #northside, pittsburgh "Livin' Average" video

Written by lele

Grimey Click is a group of rappers from the Burgh's NORTHSIDE!!!

Here is their music video for their latest hit "Livin Average"

As a group they can turn up any crowd, whether you like rap or not. Sometimes we all just gotta "turn up!" here and there to feel that you are alive.

I've been to their shows and GC has some of the most talented rappers not only in this area but currently over all. Dizzy is back out there with GC going hard. They have stories on top of stories, on top of their love of the music and performing.
When I'm at Grimey Click's show I see the entire crowd engaged, feelin' it, dancing, and all feeding off of GC gettin' hyped up.

I always would watch Michael Jackson and watched how he danced. He got all his feelings out through his dance and entire performance. That is a beautiful thing.

I can say the same thing about Grimey Click. They put their hearts and souls out there, right before your eyes, in your ears, and your body. Their New Year's Eve show had me dancin' and feelin' it all through their set!

It's another beautiful thing to support Pittsburgh's local hip hop and rap. If you are into it, check out GC and other rappers in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is on the map for rap, but we have to hear local rappers and groups to realize what is really up with "da burgh" and what we have here. It's passion. It's talent. We don't need to be just on the map, Pittsburgh has gotta leave a mark on this world. This is Pittsburgh's time, and this I truly believe. The GC guys are doing it and doing it well.

Peace and Love,

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