Gregorian BC - Conquistadors Of War (Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Gregorian BC - Conquistadors Of War
Written Sep 24, 2010.

Gregorian BC really portrays the feeling through his sounds of being a conquistador of war through this album. He has a huge Spanish influence in his guitar playing with song titles like "The Spanish Armada" & "The Rise Of Spain". The second song on the CD is "Gregorian Starlight" and it sounds like it would be played in the back round of a huge battle scene in a movie, Spain against the world and Spain is dominating. Gregorian has a lot of Metal influences in his music as well as the old sound of a old Spanish Monastery priest singing on a hill top overlooking Madrid.

I have had the pleasure of listening to a lot of music that was written, created, played and performed by 1 single person and 99% of the ones I've heard have been very bland and lifeless but it's a refreshing feeling to hear the abundance of life coming from Greg's deep voice and passionate lyrics. Gregorian tells us about how life is passing by and not wasting time.

Track 5 "The Rise Of Spain" Gregorian really shows his Spanish Guitar influence with fast finger picking in this song expecially.

Gregorian BC "Conquistadors Of War" is everything you think it would be by reading the CD booklet. Through Gregorian's music it take me back into history. Gregorian BC really is a conquistador of war. I would definitely recommend checking Gregorian BC's website and music out at

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