Green Jelly @ Orange Pavilion 9/4/10 (Metal)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Music = Life Rockfest September 4th 2010 @ Orange Pavilion in San Bernardino W/ Green Jelly, Prong, Days Of The New, Little Kids Rock, Seduceus, Devocean, Refuse No Day, Save Us, My Enemies Hero, PickAxe, Texas Hippie Coalition, Fawn Fables.

The day started early for me and the Big Smile staff today with Josh A behind the camera, Matthew M and Briana L helping do some interviews and managing the Big Smile Mag booth. After setting up the merch table and walking around meeting all the other vendors such as a few clothing companies, henna tattoo's, a tattoo artist, and a skate/screen printing shop called The Cali Style until we had 30 minutes until the doors opened. The doors opened at about 10:30AM and the show started!

Today at The Orange Show it was a little bit of a crazy day! I didn't get a hold of a set list until the day was just about over which made it a little difficult to keep track of the bands and set times. We did get some killer interviews with some of the bands that will be posted soon for your viewing pleasure. The venue could hold thousands of people, the vendors were set up and pumped to sell, the bars were open and the lemonade was fresh, everything for today's show was ready but as nicely as I can say today was a flop. From the looks of it about 100 people showed up through out the entire day. The bands were great, the sound was exceptionally great, the stage was made, everything about the show other then the lack of attendees was perfect. Not much more to say about the show.

Set List for the day was:
Little Kids Rock
Refuse No Day
Save Us
My Enemies Hero
Texas Hippie Coalition
Fawn Fables
Stolen Babies
The Fabulous Miss Wendy
Green Jelly
Days Of The New

If you went to the show leave us a comment on this review, tell us how your day went, what bands you liked, and your personal experience. Thanks for reading!


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