GREELEY ESTATES @ Chain Reaction 8/10/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Nov 12, 2007, by JAMES RANSOM.

This is a show review for Greeley Estates at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA that took place on 8/10/2007. Written by James Greenwood.


Discography: Far From The Lies, Caveat Emptor, Outside Of This


Show Review: Greeley Estates are friends of mine, especially their drummer BCHAMP! I have listened to this band for years. My buddy Brad Murray (Ex-Bassist of Versus The Mirror) was in Greeley Estates as their bass player for a short while. This is how I got first talking with Greeley Estates. A year later, they came down and played Chain Reaction (my second home) and I went. A few local bands and a couple touring bands played that night, but I went to see Greeley Estates of course. I had the honor of hanging out with their drummer BCHAMP next door at the store called “Off The Chain” for a while. He’s one of the coolest, most down to earth guys I’ve ever met. After that, the show started. After the 3 other bands played strong sets, Greeley Estates was up. If you don’t know already, they put on an AWESOME SHOW! They had incredible energy, stage presence, and performance. After rocking out to every song and getting knocked around from the people in the pit, it was time to say good-bye to a great show. I then proceeded to leave, but then was asked to play two-hand-touch football with my friend Matt Scully and the whole Chain Reaction Security Guard Staff. I, of course, accepted the offer and we played for about 2 hours. It was an awesome night and I’ll never forget it.

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