Gin Blossom @ HOB Anaheim 8/21/08 (Pop/Rock)

Written by rickmurder

Gin Blossom @ HOB Anaheim 8/21/08. Written Sep 1, 2008.

We arrived at 7:15pm at the venue just to stand around for another 45 minutes! Thank god for liquor. After that long pause of anticipation, for any source for live music our nerves were we think. The band came onto stage called “sugar wall”, the crowd was optimistic and curious. They started to play it was fitting for the theme of the show but not at all worthy. By the next song the lead singer had already resorted to being half naked to gain fans rather than musical talent. He wasn’t the only one the rest of the band seemed to more interested with how they would look onstage then how they sounded. It came down to it that they just didn’t seem to have no skill at all, something you would see in a Disney children’s movie with a 12 year old as a lead man. It was just disgusting to me being a musician myself; I wouldn’t recommend checking them out.

Next was the long awaited Gin Blossom. I’ve heard so much about them, heard them on the radio a tons of times and finally I am about to see them live. The crowed getting anxious and antsy as the curtains opened. They started with a bang, good energy, and before I new it I was singing along to “Hey Jealousy”

They had a lot of stage presents, a few minute jam session and some freak’n sweet guitar solos that blew my mind. I was waiting for a bas solo it almost happened a few times, music build up to it but no luck with that. After their set they got off stage and of course an encore happened and hey played an acoustic version of an Elton John song and did an amazing job!

If the Gin Blossoms play in your area Go see them!

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