George Hodos - Just A Man (Single)

Written by Jonny Havoc

George Hodos - Just A Man (Single)
Written Sep 24, 2010.

We don't usually review singles but I came across this one and felt compelled to write a review about how George is just a man. This is the "Radio Mix" and it's the (Main) song and 3 minutes and 12 seconds that could of been condensed to 1:15. this is very drawn out and repeats not so clever beats and harmonizing singing "At The End Of The Day I'm Just A Man", most people want a super hero but at least this Justin Timberlake want-to-be isn't lying about who he is. From the generic lyrics and unoriginal beats in this single the one good thing to look forward to is, we will be blessed with a full length album that we can only hope the rest of the songs George sings about are half as good as "Just A Man".

Well that was 3:12 minutes wasted.

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