Gary Clark - Blak and Blu

Written by zoeyr

Gary Clark is based in Austin, Texas and is signed to Warner Bros. Records. Gary, singer/guitarist, has a few types of genres in his music, mainly blues and rock n' roll. After doing my research and visiting his website, I've discovered that many other popular magazines and newspapers loved Gary's music. His website included quotes like, " He maybe the next Hendrix" or, " He's about to become an overnight sensation." So needless to say, I was excited to hear his new album "Blak and Blu."

On the first track,"Ain't Messin Round," it caught me off guard with the bluesy, rock n' roll vibe. It kept my attention though and ended with a nice guitar solo. But song after song I started to get really bored with the rock songs. They weren't creative and there's unnecessary guitar solos in EVERY song. Some lasted 1-3 minutes. I also noticed he repeats his lyrics a lot, making me think that he doesn't know what else to write, so he repeats them which makes each song longer than they should be. The fifth track called "Travis County" was actually my favorite song on the album. It's got an old school rock n' roll feel to it and the lyrics are a story, which makes it more interesting than the other tracks on the album. Plus "Travis County" was an appropriate song for a guitar solo, surprising I know! But I have to give Gary props. Although I didn't like the album at all, he is good at the blues, rock n' roll, and R&B type genres. He's really showing his talents in each song, but I think he should stick to one genre because there's different genres all over the album from really slow and steady to loud and raw. Maybe I'm just crazy but it was not my cup o' tea.

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