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FromTheRuins, WindsOfPlague, xAFBx, DarknessAwaits, HappyHannah, EyesofaMartyr, ABE @ Chain Reaction
Posted Jun 15, 2007, by Cristal <3.

"Pig Squealing, breakdowns and dancing shoes? Check!"

Famous for their unlimited talent, Chain Reaction held an unforgettable line up with a few of the best "Hardcore" bands known to the SoCal area. Even though this show began 45 minutes ahead of schedule, there was nothing to pout over. The first band to take the stage was At Battles End, a "grind/death metal" band coming from Mission Viejo, CA. Hitting the show off with heavy riffs, At Battles End, took a grasp of everyone in the pit as they worked up a sweat from hardcore dancing and two stepping. One of their last songs was a fan favorite called "Brick", coming from their selftitled EP (2007).

As ABE (At Battles End) finished their set, it was Happy Hannah's turn to shine. A "Metal/Happy Hardcore/Thrash" band, as they call themselves, came from West Covina, CA to add to this line up. As young as they look, don't let them fool you. They came out with great vocals and heart renching solos. With influences from great bands like Job For A Cowboy, Through The Eyes Of The Dead and more, they put on an awesome show that no one could deny. Be sure to catch this band at The Alley in Fullerton, CA on July 5th to help them get a chance to win a spot on the up and coming Warped Tour '07.

Heard of A Tear Sheds? Even though this band no longer exsists, former ATS members, Rudy (bass) and Jon (lead guitar) decided to cast off and make a new "baby" called From The Ruins. This was not only their first time appearing together at Chain Reaction, but it was only their 3rd show. From The Ruins was one of the last bands to be added to this bill yet fit in perfectly. With only a short set in their hands, they won the crowd over with their heavy break downs and melodic solo coming from one of their songs "Calamity". This band also won a position from their first show at Khorys (Long Beach, CA) on the SoCal Rock Revolution concert opening up for bands such as Mickey Avalon, Unwritten Law and Zebrahead aboard the Queen Mary on June 16th, 2007. Fans from the 562 area are expecting much more from this new band and they are doing a great job of doing it fast.

Arriving from Whittier, CA was a "Death Metal/Hardcore" band known as Eyes Of A Martyr. Labeled with "Warrior" and "Medevil" theme music, definetly made these guys stand out. With an impressive and might I add long list of bands they've played along side of on their myspace, these guys got the crowd moving with no problems.

One of my new favorite's of the night had to be Darkness Awaits who arrived from Indio, CA. With their full length coming out this summer, Darkness Awaits ripped the crowd with their amazingly talented music. The whole set up they had was a crowd pleaser which you could tell from the head banging and the fists up in the air.

It was finally time for the two headliners to come out and see if the crowd was still alive from all the excitement they let out during the opening bands. Known for their 2-stepping music, Armed For Battle, also known as xAFBx, started off their set with a bang. Getting the fans moving was no task for them. With just a few words their fans were in the pit while xAFBx spilled their meaningful lyrics to the room that was filled with ears that were open. Fans jumped on others to get a chance to scream some of their favorite lyrics with front man Tony. As xAFBx started to finish up their set, it gave more fuel to the crowd to throw in everything they had and cause damage (of course not permanent) to the Anaheim venue.

As the lights turned down, camera's started rolling, and the high pitch coming from a keyboard filled the room, Winds Of Plague took the venue into their hands. Coming out to turn Chain Reaction upside down was the infamous Johnny Plague. This was the kick off for the American Uprising two month tour with Catherine, Beneath The Sky, The Throne Of Judgment, and Born Of Osiris (View their site for a venue near you). Now on Century Media, WOP gave Anaheim a show that not one single person will forget. With the whole floor moving to the Metal-core beats of WOP, it was all being filmed for their new video that will be coming out soon (So if you were in camera view, be sure to catch a glimpse of yourself rocking out on Myspace). Fan's were crowd surfing, head walking, 2-stepping and anything else you could think of while chanting lyrics from WOP song selection. During their last song, "Brotherhood", there was not one single person standing still or sitting down.

Overall this was one of the best hardcore shows in Socal for the year. Be sure to check out all seven bands on their websites or even on myspace for music,
show information and much more.

Winds Of Plague - Angel Of Debauchery

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