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ForeverWingsFold, HopeDeparted, TheGentlemen, TheGoGettas, GirlsAtWar
Posted Aug 6, 2007, by Cristal <3.


On August 1st, 2007, a Battle Of The Bands was held at the Fullerton, CA venue The Alley. Becoming more well known again to the music scene, The Alley was the place to be for a great varity of music being held on this night.

The first band I appologize too since I didn't get to catch the name of your band but I might say that this band was an intersting band to watch. Lead vocalist/guitarist knew how to get the crowd to work with him and have the crowd enjoy the night with their upbeat music.

Girls At War was one of those bands that once you saw them setting up you knew right away something good was going to hit those amps. That night, Girls At War decided to play an acoustic set since their drummer, Scott, wasn't able to make it to the show that night. This band is made up of two guitarist, Alex & Chris, bassist Jordan, drummer Scott, rap/beats Kenny, vocals by Remy and the most recent addition Stephanie on keyboards. Girls At War truely have a sound of their own but go under an Indie/Alternative genre. The vocals in their music are honestly breathe taking with Remy's soulful sound. Girls At War had everyone inside for their amazing acoutic set. To check them out in electric form be sure to check them out at the local Anaheim,CA venue Chain Reaction, on August 13th.

Karaoke night? To me it seemed like thats what The Go Gettas were trying to do. No offense. This rap group took the stage with an Apple laptop mixing in their beats along with 4 vocalist or rappers. Mind you that this was the first expierence I had with a rap group live. The Go Gettas did what they were there to do which was entertain the crowd and just have a party up on stage. Mixing up samples from well known rap songs and making some of them their own, The Go Gettas switched off vocals to give everyone in this group a chance to bounce to their beats.

The next band you would have just melted if you love teenagers in black slacks and button up shirts. The Gentlemen began their set with an AC/DC song but quickly ending it since it was a joke. The crowd seemed to really like that so advice to these boys is to just go with it since it's a crowd pleaser. This three piece band did a good job for being a small band and for also surviving the stage wearing nothing but black. Kuddos. The Gentlemen reminded me of an early beginings of Green Day, so hopefully if they work hard enough they open the window to a handful of new beginings.

Second to last was Hope Departed a Rock/Emo/Indie band coming locally. With their upbeat, and dancing music, Hope Departed demolished the stage with their many fans that showed up to support their music and dreams. Lead vocalist, Steve, has an amazing voice that once you listen to their music you couldn't get enough of it. I truely recommend this band live if you want to see an awesome show. Their stage presense is moving since you can tell how much the guys of Hope Departed devote themselves to their music. From what I heard I believe they are in the process of making new songs for their fans and we got to get a taste of whats coming and oh how it sounds awesome!

Last but not least was the band I've been dieing to review ever since I got a hold of their demo at Chain Reaction, Forever Wings Fold. This band has been around for a while, yet this was the first time I've ever heard of them. Forever Wings Fold had no problem connecting with their fans. Lead vocals, Mike, is extreamly entertaining on stage since he got a little intimate with a pole on stage but also you can't forget about his range of vocals.Impressive. Forever Wings Fold had soooo much energy and were so fun to watch while they jumped all over the little stage and even climb on the speakers. In their set, Forever Wings Fold also played a few new songs that will leave you more than satisfied. Be sure to pick up Forever Wings Fold EP now on

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