Written by Jonny Havoc

Posted Dec 26, 2007.

Hi, we're Forever Wings Fold.
Mike: Operatic Hymns
Nick: Blooded Axe
Reilly: Non-Blooded Axe
Steve: Baritone String Arrangments
Aric: Trance Back Beat
We're also on interpunk.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

January 18th, we're playing with Alesana.

What inspires all of your lyrics?

Paintings and Milk

What do you guys think about UFOs?

Unadulterated Female Orphans?

What religion are you guys and does it effect your music?

We all have our own beliefs

What do you guys do for work right now, other than playing music?

YMCA, Nordstrom Stock, Roadhouse stable boy, Computer Troll, and Unemployed (Reilly)

What were some of your favorite bands growing up?

Devo, Kris Kross, and Thrice

What are some bands that have influenced your band the most?

Thrice, Deftones, Glassjaw, Beloved, and Finch.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans reading this interview?

Listen to Letlive and Battlelore

Out of all the crazy fun stories, what sticks out the best for you guys?

One time, there was a twelve year old crack baby that threatened to beat up Nicholas in Victorville. (no joke though)

What is your guys' newest CD out right now?

Demos from 07.

Do you guys have any promoting secrets that you have learned over the years that you would like to share with our readers?

Hire people.

What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?

They interview really good bands.

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