Five Good Reasons - Fire On The Puget Sound (HC)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Five Good Reasons - Fire On The Puget Sound
Written Jun 16, 2007

With no wasting time, the cd gets right into it with powerful chants and great guitar riffs. Matt Forbes (Lead vocals) Really shows us how well he can really sing on this cd, where the last cd we reviewed has a lot of yelling, this really shows that he has a lot of diversity. Don't worry their is still yelling and a lot to throw your fists in the air and sing along to. This 5 song E.P. defiantly shows that Five Good Reasons have their own style and originality. With only five songs on this cd it give me a taste of what i want to hear, but it leaves me wanting more. They stayed away from the typical hardcore sounding breakdowns but this cd has a very metal/old school hardcore sound to it. I love it. This cd is telling me that the next time i see these guys live I will defiantly be in the pit shoving people.
This cd took Them 2 months to record, and they recorded the drums at Bernie Becker studios and the rest at Kyle's studio. This is defiantly a great recording and a one of the best cds by Five Good Reasons yet. You should look forward to getting this cd for your collection, to listen to FGR's music for your self you can visit

I give this cd a 10+

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