FilmSpeed (Pop/Punk/Indie)

Written by Jonny Havoc

FilmSpeed (ex No One Goes Home)
Posted Oct 21, 2008.

Hello, how are you guys doing today?
Absolutely fantastic, the stocks are looking great...

So I heard you guys are changing your band name, What name did you guys choose?
Filmspeed my good man, Filmspeed

How did you come up with the name Film Speed?
Even after everything the 3 of us have been through; members, albums, tours, shows, moving, jobs, relationships we've been though it really still doesn't seem like 4 years. As if all of these events have flown by like how a movie can capture an entire life in 90 mins. It's like we're living at film speed. There ya go.

What made you guys want to change your band name now after all the years of NOGH?
So many reasons! Haha! When we starting making this record we just knew, something was different. It just has a whole level of emotion for us. It's the most honesty we've ever put in to our music. That alone was enough to tell us to make a clean start. NOGH had a lot of bad luck, I mean.. a LOT, so I'm hoping maybe it'll stay with the name haha! Plus we've all grown up, and kind of out of that style, and genre, and name as well.

Since you guys have a new name, And your going through some changes are you guys going to keep the same sound or will it change?
Oh it's a definite change for sure.

Can you explain why?
Well don't get me wrong, it still sounds like us, but as I'm sure you'll hear, it's grown up quiteeee a bit. The thing is, when we started making this record, we wanted to make something that was solely for us. That is still a goal we had yet to achieve. We've been trying so hard, for so long to please everyone else that we forgot was it was like to make music for ourselves. Music that WE can be absolutely pumped about. I just hope that the listeners can find the sincerity in it, and with any luck it'll strike a chord. Lets be honest, we're all human, we all go through the same things, I guess it just took me a while to find that balance between art, and entertaining.

Do you think with this change in name and style, your fans will grow with you guys?
I think most of them already have, it's been a long time haha! I think we have such a great relationship with our fans that we have a very good chance of finally impressing them. This time though, it'll be the actual songs, and not 'the hair', or 'the clothes' or any other "gimmick'. I know there's quite a few who've been waiting for something like this from us. I think we'll make them proud this time.

I remember a while back hearing someing about a new CD you guys were working on, will that be released under NOGH or Film Speed now?
No more NOGH my good man. It's all Filmspeed now.

When do you guys think it will be done?
We're looking at a January release, but all the mixing and mastering should be done by the end of October.

So, all of us at Big Smile Magazine, are stoked to be doing NOGH's last interview and Filmspeeds first interview, so I must ask some random things.

What do you think of UFO's?
Haha! Good call! Well personally after much debate on this issue, I did a little research. I've come to the conclusion that in the right circumstances, which varies between condition of the sky, camera, angles, objects, flash, lighting, and frames per second, UFO's are nothing more than flukes. Just something a simple as a moth, being distorted under specific conditions. Either that, or aliens...

If you were a hot dog what would be on you?
"I'd smother myself in relish, and ketchup, I'd be DELICIOUS!" Seriously though, the works. Chili, onions, cheese, mustard, ketchup, relish, dijon mustard, everything and anything else. More food is good food.

Does this mean you guys are finally going home?
Haha! Not on your life!

Is this what you were talking about, from your last cd "The New Era"?
Nope. It was that album... yea... that went pretty far hahaha

How do crapy interview questions make you feel?
Like I'm wasting precious minutes of my life.

Where would you like to see your selves in the next year?
Older. Hopefully on the road.

Do you guy have any thing to say to all your fans reading this interview?
Yes! Frands unite!!! New look, new name, new sound, but same guys, and same message. We need your love, help, and support now more than ever, we're starting a new chapter in this band and we need you right by our side every step of the way! Please do NOT keep us a secret! Tell everyone you know!! (yep we're keepin it haha)
purevolume coming when the record does!

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