Filmspeed, Call The Cops +@ Chain Reaction 2/13/09

Written by Big Smile Staff

Vogue in the Movement, Call The Cops, FilmSpeed @chain Reaction 2/13/09

Posted Feb 13, 2009, by Mc Monte Carlo.

Genre: Pop;
Vogue in the Movement. I have a lot to say about these guys, some good some bad. These guys had a lot of energy and moved around a lot, had great guitar riffs and the singer sung great but... yes a BUT, the second guitarist was trying to hard to be the front man in the band, singing when it wasn't his turn to sing, it was a little distracting and out of place. The lead singer sung very schön, pleasing to my ears, but when we talked between the songs sounded like everything he said was fake. Almost like a PBS kids tv show (if you know what I mean). The whole band seemed to all be off in their own world, but if you put all that aside, and just listen to the music, they guys rocked, great sound. I think with all I didn't like from them, I WOULD see these guys again!
Call The Cops. For their first show they sure brought a lot of people. They were pretty good but nothing that stands out a lot from the rest of the bands. I think I need to see these guys again to give them a review that they deserve. They had a sweet light set up I do have to admit. I would check these guys out again.
FilmSpeed. FS, I believe this was their 2nd show as Filmspeed, they used to be No One Goes Home. Well enough with the history lesion. They seemed at ease on stage, comfortable, set up in minutes. All their songs catch and have good beat to them. In the middle of the set they did a cover that was sweet and got everyone singing BUT that I can't remember the name of the band or song for the life of me. FilmSpeed is a great solid band. I WILL be seeing these guys again.



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