Farewell, My Love - Mirror Mirror

Written by marinakarenbauer

Mirror Mirror
Farewell, My Love
February 19, 2013
Standby Records

Track Listing
1. Mirror Mirror
2. My Perfect Thing
3. Skip The Memories
4. It's My Life
5. Just Another Soul (Acoustic)

Mirror Mirror, the debut EP by Farewell, My Love drops on February 19, and the day won't come soon enough. This EP covers every feeling you could possibly have in five songs. Not only do they incorporate touches of early 2000's punk rock, but also a unique voice similar to Gerard Way, and inspiration from what has to be Coldplay and of course, Bon Jovi.

This EP starts off with a track that it's so lovingly named. Mirror Mirror is a three minute track that will have your head stuck in a whirlwind. It could easily fit in with MCR's album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. However, singer Ryan Howell has a voice that can easily hit notes that I've never heard Way reach. That advantage brings the song to a new level, where you can only listen and try not to sing, imagining Snow White's Tale from the witches point of view.

As the first track cuts away, and the second begins, I can only hear something resembling Clocks by Coldplay. This track is whimsy and playful while being hopelessly romantic. It fades into Skip The Memories, the third song. This track starts off high and heavy only to fall into a dark verse. By the time it jumps back to the heavy hitting chorus, you know it's an anthem trying to get you through not only a terrible break-up; oddly enough, it's bound to work. Especially with the guitar pushing you through with a delicate break-down, preparing you for the emotional vocals that hurl you into that chorus a few last times.

By the time you get to the fourth song, you're ready to throw your hands up and sing along, only to realize it's a cover of Jon Bon Jovi's “It's My Life.” You know what though, that's perfectly fine, because Farewell, My Love does an awesome job at it. Before the chorus they had me singing along to it. Then again, who doesn't love a good cover of any Bon Jovi song?

The last track, Just Another Soul, had to be my favorite though. I'm a sucker for acoustic songs. They just hold so much more emotion and passion. Just Another Soul is an amazing piece of work that will capture your heart, and if you listen to it enough, tears.

All in all, Mirror Mirror is an amazing EP, and I cannot wait to see what else can come from these five talented guys. They incorporate something a lot of musicians these days do not. They carry a past with them which really flows through their music. Too many artists forget their history, but these guys carry it with them, incorporating not only their history but others too! Ryan, Robby, Chad, Charlee, and Logan re-invent something that was starting to lose it's meaning so that everyone can see just what they've been missing out on. An great story, a unique vocalist, with talented guitarists, and a bassist and drummer that can really blow your mind.

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