Face To Face - Three Chords And A Half Truth

Written by andys2

"Three Chords And A Half Truth" is Face To Face's 9th studio full length album, 
released in April of 2013
by Rise Records. 

The band comes back with a unique and dynamic sound with their second post-reunion album. A little off from a classic So-Cal pop punk style, Face To Face introduced a new step in direction to their music with more of a classic rock influence to their original music.

Although it's not a full blown punk album, it borrows a lot of aspects from previous bands who helped create the genre originally, such as the Clash. In my opinion, if you mix Face To Face's old albums, but add Social Distortion and The Clash all into one blender, mix it all up, and you have "Three Chords And A Half Truth".

So on that note, not everything is super fast or in-you-face, rather the majority of the album is mid-tempo, and focuses more on melodies and lyrics. 

Vocals are on key, the songs have cool build ups, and overall is a great album. 

Some songs that stuck out would include "Smokestacks and Skyscrapers", "1 2 3 Drop", and "Right As Rain". 

This album can be found at nearly any major online CD outlet that sells punk albums such as Amazon, Interpunk.com; downloaded at ITunes; or streamed on Spotify.

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