Every Time I Die, Dear Life, and Take The Crown

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Sep 29, 2007, by JAMES RANSOM.

Band: Every Time I Die
About: A hard-hitting hardcore/metal band from Buffalo, New York that know how to bring the rock.
Keith Buckley - Vocals
Andrew Williams - Guitar
Jordan Buckley - Guitar
Michael Novak - Drums
Review of Performance: I got to be on the stage for ETID and it was amazing to watch the crowd response. ETID is known for their insane stage presence and ability to pump up the crowd for a crazy show. There was crowd surfing, there was stage diving, there was mosh pits, there were screaming fans, there was intensity. That is the simplest way to describe how their set was. The venue was PACKED with fans who showed their support for this hard-working, full-time touring band. I bought ETID’s DVD and it is hilarious and awesome and I definitely recommend it. Check these dudes out for sure.

Band: Dear Life
About: A hard-hitting hardcore/metal band from Hacienda Heights, Ca.
Vocals - Kevin Castellon
Guitar - Daniel Moran
Guitar - Vincent Apostol
Bass - Michael Trujillo
Drums - Matthew Apostol
Merch - Matt Siordia
Roadie - Jason Torres
Review of Performance: This band was very intense. I don’t usually like hardcore, but these guys are legit. They brought some loyal fans who sang along to every word of every song. I was very impressed by their stage presence; it was that of a professional touring band. These guys are definitely going places, plain and simple. Check them out next time they are in your town.

Band: Take The Crown
About: A catchy pop/rock band from Huntington Beach, CA. Fusing the sounds of steady synth, hard-driven guitar riffs, pulsating beats—all behind Bokan’s shrilling vocals—TTC blend to create the new post-hardcore. Wilson describes it as “hard hitting rock meets catchy choruses— with an added touch of synth.” The vocal melodies are catchy enough to sing-along to, while the instruments keep songs intense—creating somewhat of a sonic exorcism that consistently keeps your ears alerted.
Members: Nick (guitar), Beau (vocals), Ryan (keyboard), James (bass), Tony (guitar), Juan (drums)
Review of Performance: I have seen this band a few times and I am always impressed. They have very good stage presence and they get the crowd pumped up. They made the crowd clap for every song, which I know is a good technique for bands to use to keep the crowd’s interest and participation. I have talked to some of these guys previously in an interview that I had done with them and they are very down to earth. TTC has shared the stage with AFI before, so you know they are legit. Check them out ASAP!

Review by: James Greenwood of Big Smile Magazine

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