Evergreen Terrace - Wolfbiker

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Aug 2, 2007, by Cristal <3.


What can I say about this Hardcore/Metal/Punk band springing out from Jacksonville, FL new CD? Evergreen Terrace debuted their 2007 CD Wolfbiker on July 24th with an outstanding outcome. The comments coming from Evergreen Terrace's fans have been nothing more then positive about this album. If you are a fan of any of the previous albums from Evergreen Terrace, you will love the old and new sound coming from this CD. Oh so satisfying I might say!
About a month before the awaiting CD came out, Evergreen Terrace decided to give a little teaser with their single, "Wolfbiker". This track begins with the well known vocals coming from Andrew and leads into an awesome new outlook on the bands changing music. You can totally tell that Andrew has been extending his vocal range to give off different sounds which is great for the band.
A week or so before Wolfbiker was released, Evergreen Terrace posted a second song called "Chaney Can´t Quite Riff Like Helmet´s Page Hamilton". Starting off with a chant to get the crowd of fans to participate, Evergreen Terrace then play some catchy riffs, beats and lyrics. The great response for this song has made it one of the favorites coming off of Wolfbiker.
Overall I have to say Evergreen Terrace did a great job bringing back what they are known for and a new side to their music. They have brought back their oh so familiar sound that everyone loves and also added more rock to the guitars, & more punk to bass/drums. I have to say you MUST check out Wolfbiker for yourself to get the full feel of a new begining to a great band.

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