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EVERGREEN TERRACE, AugstBurnsRed, TheWarriors, CaseyJones & Underminded
Posted Aug 2, 2007, by Cristal <3.

On July 28th an amazing line up was being held at the Showcase Theatre in Corona, CA. This show was a Hardcore/Metal/Punk genre with the headliners being Evergreen Terrace. With three of the bands having record releases it was the place to be to show your support for the new music they've produced for their fans.

Begining the night off was a little band by the name of Underminded. I've seen this band many times before and not once did they not put on a great show. This SoCal band will be releasing their 3 year long awaited CD, Eleven:Eleven, at the begining of this month (Aug. 07). Underminded was the perfect band to get the energy in the room producing. The floor was opened up by their fans as they 2-stepped to Underminded's upbeat music.

Second on stage was a well known straight edge band, Casey Jones. This Thrash/Punk/Hardcore band always makes a statement wherever they go. Casey Jones is one of the most positive speaking bands out there right now. They believe in who they are and don't care what anyone has to say about it. Much respect. Much more respect for demolishing the theatre with the help of your dedicated fans. Wall to wall there were only hardcore dancing and circle pits. While listening to their favorite songs, fan were making sure not to get knocked out and still have fun.

A band that everyone in the room was waiting to see was The Warriors. The Warriors were the second band of the night to be having a CD being released in the month of August. Keep a look out for "Genuine Sense of Outrage" coming out on August 7th. This uniquely put together band brought everything they could to the stage in Corona. Fans were jumping over the front crowd to get to lead vocalist, Marshall. The Warriors has the most energy I've seen at the Corona venue. There was more chanting and crowd surfing during the set of The Warriors. This band did a great job keeping the crowd of fans entertained.

I believe the most popular band of the night had to be August Burns Red. This band has been becoming more well known to the SoCal scene every month. It wasn't too long ago that I found out about them and now I can't stop hearing about them. August Burns Red came out with their record called "The Messengers", two months ago on June 19th. Even though these boys look like a very clean cut bunch of men, they know how to get rough and dirty. The venue's floor was filled with fans 2-stepping, circle pitting and stage diving during this Hardcore/Metal bands set. If I didn't know the line up I could have sworn these guys were the headlining band.

Last but not least, it was Evergreen Terrace's turn to shine. Even though 1/4 of the crowd had left after August Burns Red, I think it gave a better chance for the fans of Evergreen Terrace to get much closer to their Florida born hero's. Just coming out with their new record, "Wolfbiker", on July 24th, this was a CD release show to start off in Southern California. Starting off with "Sunday Bloody Sunday", coming off their popular cover CD "Writers Block", they knew how to start off in the right direction. Getting the crowd into their hands, Evergreen Terrace played a full set with atleast two songs from each album including Wolfbiker. Fans behind me were 2-stepping along with the beats and there were even fans stage diving into the non-crowded area's. Crazy. Evergreen Terrace put on a fantastic show and was probably my favorite show I've seen in a long time.

Keep a look out for the CDs to be released this month and also check out the CD's that have already been released at your local music store.

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