Written by lele

Hey! I have all Big Smiles today! For one, it's sunny out. Two, I just listened to a beautiful, sunny song and I'm gonna be happy all day long. All day. If you are in a bad mood either turn the switch or leave it to yourself! Not gonna knock me down! Lastly there is so much going down in Pittsburgh!

Since I KNOW you will all be at PUT UP OR SHUT UP: EMCEE ROYAL RUMBLE 2 @ The Barber's Inn on Feb. 8th at 9:00 in Swissvale, then I know you're coming to PITTSBURGH'S ON MY GRIND TALENT SHOWCASE @ The Hardrock Cafe on Feb. 6th presented by JDMT Management & On My Grind Entertainment [#JasmineMoore], where all the best in the Burgh will show what they got and send their jamz bumpin' straight to your brain waves!

OMG TALENT SHOWCASE starts at 8PM and is 21 and up, unless accompanied by an adult. You can get your tickets in advance for $10 at www.jdmtalentmgmt.com or at 720 Music, Clothing and Cafe. Tickets are $15 at the door.

Come out of your nice warm houses n get yourself HOT! Pittsburgh at OMG TALENT SHOWCASE! Visit the event page


Did you ever have that existential crisis moment where you are looking yourself in the mirror and you stare into your own eyes and say, "Am I on my grind? I don't know if I'm grindin' or groundin'. I think I gotta grind harder." Now you don't want that man in the mirror crisis moment. At some point in your life it happened and may happen again, and this is necessary for all of us to make sure we are doing what we want, loving ourselves, gettin' ourselves out there, and doing something new. People, just get on your grind! Come out! I'll be there, come say what's up!

Shout out to the artists doin' their thing and shout out to all my Pittsburgh skaters grindin' rails everyday! Go hard. Go hard for AJ Shalonis, one of the best skaters and best friend I could've ever had!

I'm making this one short because I have to train my pit Jackson. If one more time he craps by the drum kit....I...I....will prolly give him a treat because I'm too nice to animals! Can't be mean!


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