Eligh - Grey Crow

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Dec 28, 2010, by ME.


Featured Artists: Eligh; Genre: Hip Hop;
In November of 2010, Eligh, an emcee from LA and also a member of the Living Legends released his latest album Greycrow on Legendary Music. This is Elighs first solo album In more than 5 years. All the research and reviews I did on this album, everyone talks about Elighs drug addictions and this being his first album since his sobriety. Yes, this is true but to me it's a bit redundant. Eligh AKA "The Crow" titles this album Greycrow because he has become older and wiser, this evolving into a "Greycrow." When I first started listening to this album I started goin through YouTube. Usually I'm weary of new music from artists because some artists tend to fall off and the material becomes weak. Yeah! Not here. I found songs on this album that I will love until the day that I die. From beginning to the end Elighs lyrics are complex, thought provoking, inspirational, autobiographical, and are delivered with rhythm and soul. The beats on this album vary from uptempo bob your head type, to mellow that makes you want to relax and chill, to blow your speakers out because there's too much bass. I wish music like this could be heard by the masses because the world would be a better place I swear. Just give this album a chance. Listen to "Love Ov My Life," "Soul on the Road," "When I'm a Dad," "Shine'' and "Whirlwind," and if you can't appreciate this type of expression then I don't know what else I can do.

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