Dylan Gilbert- The Quite Life

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 29, 2008, by Bobby Bowers.

Genre: Indie;
Dylan Gilbert is a one man army here to declare war on genres and this is one white flag ill gladly throw down. His 14 track cd "The Quiet Life" is exactly the flag ship that is needed, he blends genres and sounds so smoothly and naturally you can not imagine it sounding any other way, he pushes your contemporary ideals of music and its sounds. One of my favorite tracks "Math" is mixing acid jazz and rock, blending them into a sound that leaves you lost and happy, another track he mixes classic blues/rock and classical piano into a heavenly one man choir to a lover. each song is a totally new experience but has a undertone of beauty that is simply Dylan Gilbert. The list of instruments go on forever there is everything from a organ and pianos to synthesizer, toy keyboards, glockenspiel and theremins, this cd truly is not your ordinary coffee house cd but there is enough guitar and emotional filled melodies to remind you why you love it oh so much. So go check out his website at www.dylangilbert.com



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