DJ NuMark & Pomo - Blendcrafters

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Oct 10, 2007, by Rybread.


I was handed a promo called "Up Above Records Sampler" as I left a Shapeshifters show that featured 3 tracks off of DJ NuMark and Pomo’s Album "Blendcrafters". It was only a 4 minute sample of 3 songs, so I rushed out and grabbed the album from the closest tower records (RIP). Initially, as I got home I took a breath of fresh air and popped the CD in.
The first thing I immediately noticed was that there were NO words, just instruments. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for an album let alone artist like this until I put the cd player on shuffle and it skipped to track 10, "imagine." It actually happens to be an instrumental cover of one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard, John Lennon’s "Imagine." The cover captures what John Lennon portrayed through light piano riffs and a saxophone in place of John’s voice. Because it is an instrumental you find yourself singing along and even adding your own lyrics!
The rest of the album is just as great. The use of a heavy arsenal of jazz/rock instruments including bass, piano/keyboard, drums, sax, guitar and various voice clips catch you immediately. I mean it honestly sounds like a band is jamming out in their garage and straight out feeding off one another! I enjoy the way these two put their minds together. Great if you need music to calm you down and get you in a good mood! Lounging/chill beats.. Check it ooout! Seacrest Sucks! Rybread out!

Track List
1. Melody 9. Flute Fidelity
2. Beat The Odds 10. Imagine
3. Lola 11. Unwind
4. Bad Luck Blues
5. Way I Think, The
6. Shedding Steel
7. POW!

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