Dinah Cancer & the 45 Grave Robbers @ Showcase

Written by Big Smile Staff

DINAH CANCER AND THE 45 GRAVE ROBBERS, The Voids, Dragstrip Demons & Threatening Verse @ Showcase Theatre
dinah cancer and the 45 grave robbers, the voids, dragstrip demons & threatening verse @ showcase theatre
Posted 8 years ago, May 13, 2005, by Andrew Ridley.

Genre: Punk;
At The Showcase Theatre, in Corona, CA

We got to the show a little late, but we made it in time for Threatening Verse. Threatening Verse is a street punk styled band from East Los Angeles, I have seen them probably a dozen times, but they are always a lot of fun to watch. Pixie their singer, is a lot of fun. She is about five feet tall and stomps around with great enthusiasm. She is very nice, and means every word she says in her songs. Bands that mean what they say are always nice to have around. There were actually a pretty decent amount of people around for their set and a bunch were moving around. After their set I went upstairs and talked to Pixie for a few minutes, they are working on new album which will be released as a cd, hopefully fairly soon. It will possibly be a split. It will be on Puke-n-Vomit records. They totally deserve a cd and I hope it works out for them, their previous works are two 7 inches, also on Puke-n-vomit records.
In between the sets while waiting for dragstrip demons to set up, an argument between dude and dude ..2 started. Dude shoved dude ..2 which was followed by dude ..2 knocking out dude in a whopping two hits. Not just knocking down, but clean knocked the eff out and having no clue what's going on. Dude was very drunk, dude ..2 was not drunk. I took a picture of dude on the ground.
Drag-strip demons were supposed to go on next, but they were bitter about going on after the voids, and threw a large enough fit that the Voids went on instead. Probably not a great choice, cause the Voids had the largest and most enthusiastic crowd and took a nice chunk of the audience with them when they left the stage. For doing almost the same set for the last 7 years, the voids are doing pretty well. The Voids has always been a band plagued with an ever changing lineup, and the result of that is one sort of a full length cd in 9 years, and almost the same set since 2000, and yet they still have an nice sized crowd wherever they play. They did a few new songs tonight, which weren't all that new, same sound as before. Straight street punk with high pitched female vocals. They put on a fun show, and the crowd reflected that, always a decent sized pit for all their set, and everyone singing along or stage diving, or doing whatever they wanted to do. Personally, Im a little tired of seeing the same set and the same sound that they have always had, but people still seem to love them, so I guess that means they are doing ok.
Dragstrip Demons were next, and after a fairly lengthy setup, they played, and played well. It was obvious that a decent size of the audience was there only for the Voids, as half the people in the front seemed to disappear. I really liked the Dragstrip Demons, they play a pretty standard sound of physcobilly, but they do it well. As with most physcobilly bands, a standup bass is included, and Dragstrip were no different. I always love standup basses, especially when they are done well. They did theirs moderately well, no mad sin or demented are go, but still a decent basest. The crowd that was there for them reacted well to their set.
Finally the moment came for Dinah Cancer and the 45 grave robbers to enter the stage. When I was visiting their merch booth earlier, I noticed a lot of Adolescents gear. Well, it was because Rick Agnew of the Adolescents and early Social Distortain was playing guitar! Lisa of Lisafer was playing bass! How cool was that? And of course Dinah Cancer, of the legendary 80s early death rock band (I don’t know how accurate you could call this description, but I suppose it works), 45 grave. The set was incredible, I have seen Dinah's other bands before, and they always cover a 45 song or two, but never the entire set. It was awesome to see. Every song was executed great. The crowd was about the same as with Dragstrip, and moved to the band quite a bit. At points, rick was playing guitar with his teeth. Upside down, and in the crowd. Stage divers were everywhere that people would support them. It was an awesome set, and really hope I get to see them again soon. They did 3 encore songs, I would have preferred a second set, but 3 is much better than most. Dinah is also a complete sweetheart, taking her time to talk to everyone that came up to her after the set, she was totally appreciative of the audiences reverence for her and the band.
Definitely check them out if they come near you at any point in the future. You will not regret getting to see this band to songs that haven't been done in quite some time.



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