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Posted Jun 4, 2008, by MELODY.


Genre: Electronica; Techno;
He's been labeled by some as one of the founding fathers of Drum and Bass in the United States scene, and has been the iconic symbol for DNB since the turn of the 21st Century. If you ask anybody who listens to DNB if they have heard of Dieselboy, the most likely response you'll receive; pft, are you kidding me! The "are you kidding me," is what brought out over 500 Orange County Junglists to Orange County's biggest weekly DNB party Adrenaline.


Unfortunately for me, I was one of the people that had to wait outside for an hour and a half while Pawn, DTrax, and L.A. locals Divine Elements warmed up the crowd for the main event. After the irritation that i had to wait in the cold for so long wore off I was pumped and ready to hear some filthy DNB. The place was packed from wall to wall with crazy, excited, amped Junglists. I actually was able to catch the very tail end of Divine Elements' set, which by then was poppin off harder than a fizzed up Coke bottle. The energy in the place was intense, and the excitement grew as MC Dre and MC Dino announced that next to hit the decks was Orange County local DJ Infiltrata.


The man of many names hit em hard with originally produced tracks released off the TEKDBZ label, which included the collaborative work he did with Hochi, "Hit Em Hard." Woo wee, can I just say I have seen Infiltrata several times before, and every single time this dude brings it like it's the last time he'll spin. He threw down a Dubplate with an infectious melody and irresistable bass by up and coming DNB artist Mikey McBeats. By this time I had sweat dripping from every pour, and it was crowded, but I was still ready for dieselboy to bring the heat.

I think by this time my ears were shot from the raging bass, but if I remember correctly the crowd went off when Dieselboy was announced. We were all packed in there like a can of sardines, but it was SICK!!!! I am quite ashamed to say as a Junglist I have actually never seen or heard Dieselboy live, so this was an experience for me. The DNB legend lived up to his name with his heavy, hard-hitting tracks. Dubplates, bass, drums, sweat, as if the night couldn't get any better the guest MC Messinian, hit the stage the party was going off!!! His slick licks were pumping up the party to the level. Are you kidding me Dieselboy and Messinian in one night, freakin amazing!!!

It was O.C. DNB at its best with the freshest tracks and rhymes I've seen in awhile. This night made me realize why DNB is the love of my life. It is the blood that pumps through my veins and gets me CRAZY!!!

Photos courtesy of Mr. Victor Marshall & Kelly D

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