Defiance - Rise or Fall

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jul 1, 2006, by Nathan Gilman.


Featured Artists: Defiance; Genre: Punk;

As excited to review the latest shredsmanship crafted by one of portland's, finest punk rock bands, I can honestly and regretfully inform you all that I was ill-impressed. Rise or Fall, recorded in April & may of 2004 ,at portland's own Jackpot Studios , showed very little classic defiance sound, attitude or kick you in the teeth anger that their previous records proudly displayed. Though small remnants were sprinkled throughout the track list with such songs as, "doin what your told" & "death squad" along with a nicely done cover of menaces' "screwed up",not to mention a very "no future ,no hope" influenced secret track. (shhhhhhhh). With that I can also add that I wasn't completely disappointed, and all in all this was another solid release by the one and only defiance, pick it up.

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