Death and Revenge (Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Death and Revenge
Posted Sep 19, 2007.
Dusty Disaster=drums, percussion & vacals
Deadly Art=lead guitar and vocals
Juicy Julian Mendoza=Bass & vocals
Shauny Darko=guitar and vacals

Do you have any upcoming shows?
Thur, Sept 6th The Boardwalk 9426 Greenback Ln. Orangevale, CA
Sun, Sept 23rd Minors Foundry 325 Spring St. Nevada City, CA

Im sure you guys have been to LA and OC but for the people that have not been to SACRAMENTO, could you tell us a little about how it is different?
DA: no, i cant tell you...i...just cant.
DD: well, we've gt alot of farms in the woodland area, and we have a lake in the folsom area, and we have old sacramento, pretty sure they dont have any of that down south...

What inspires most of your lyrics?
SD: alot of things. political and social ideas, love, the dark lord zenu.
DD: alot of things as well, but mainly correcting shaun's grammatical errors and prose-style writings. basically fixing his messups.
SD: shut up. youre dumb! (laughter ensues, juicy chews his fingernail)

What inspired the lyrics from the song DNR? (Great Song)
SD: thanks. this song was written about a girl i loved(and lost). the idea is letting your grief and remorse be a form of revenge on someone else.
DD: you're so emo dude.

When did DnR start?
SD:at the dawn of time.
DD: in the land before time.
DA:...............march 2006.
JJM: mmhmm , thats right.

How many people in the band right now are the original band members?
SD:i think
DD:that we
DA:all are
JJM:mhmm, thats right.

That was cute!

What other instruments can can you guys play other than the ones you play in the band?
SD: i know for a fact that deadly plays the butt trumpet.
JJM: i play the drums, guitar, piano and sing choir
DD: i guess i play bass and harmonica and piano a little, i try but but i'm terrible at them. i also play alice in chains.

Any funny/interesting stories?
DD: well, i guess we just played in the men's pants section of a macy's last week, is that funny/interesting? cus it was at the time!
SD: we literally had to move the racks of pants to make room for our gear.

What do you think about UFOs?
SD: so scary. but if i ever did meet an alien, id kick him and say "hey, quit being so weird and scary!"
DD:good band, michael schenker totally should've stayed with the scorpions though, UFO was good, but they didn't rock me like a hurricane at the zoo during a big city night like the scorpions did.

What religion are you guys and does it effect your music?
SD: we're all scientoligists. pretty much all of our music is a tribute to scientololgy and lord xenu and elron (thats right, one word) hubbard.
DA: elron is "The Ron" in spanish.
DD: i also quite love Satan, and by that i mean Dave Grohl dressed as Satan.... and only because lord xenu lets me, of course...

What do you think of vegetarians?
SD: i think the idea of people worshipping vegetables is weird......
DD: more meat for me.

What do you guys do for work right now, other than playing music?
DD: i cook crack in a shed. what it do?! (j/k)
DA: i work for a hip hop and country radio station. yaddida mean! hee haw!
JJM: im a master fisherman.
SD: i deliver flowers to dead people and tattoo.

You guys have a great sound thats orignal, catchey, and some what familiar, what are some of your major influences?
SD: the nerve agents & afi (old school)
DA: dio & michael jackson
DD: black sabbith & red hot chili peppers
JJM: reliant k & deftones

Anything you would like to say to your fans reading this interview?
DA: gangs + dope = no hope.
DD: pork chop sandwiches. ahh , get outta here!

So is your latest cd called "Never Bet The Devil Your Head"?
SD: yes.

Do you have any plans to come out with a new cd?
DA: we're working on it right now. writing the new stuff. should be done by spring 2008.

I know every band has lurned how to promote over the years and could you guys tell us a secreat that you found that works the best?
SD: Being genuine and believing in your music more then anything in the world.
DD: Shaun is right! furthermore, if you are writing music to get signed and be huge jerk rockstars, then that's what it's going to sound like and people will see through that. But if you believe in your music and it means something to you then people will feel that and it wont be so hard to sell it.

What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?
DA: it brings a big smile to my face. yaddida mean! hee haw!
JJM: mmhmm, thats right
DD: it brings a magizine to my bathroom
SD: mmhmm, thats right.

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