Dead Sara

Written by dbuzard

Artist: Dead Sara
Title: Dead Sara
Genre: Rock/Hard Rock
Producer: Noah Shain

A friend of mine sent me a link to the Dead Sara song, ‘Weatherman’ (yeah, I have kick GRASS HOLE friends like that) off of the band’s self titled release. ‘Weatherman’ kicks in musically like U2 and The Beastie Boys got all hopped up and wrote the first thing that came to mind. Forty listens in and that song still rocks so I had to hear what else Dead Sara had to dish.

Right out of the box you are struck by the raw sincerity of Emily Armstrong’s voice. The opening track, ‘Whispers & Ashes’, showcases Armstrong’s urgency and passion. Her voice has strikingly soulful quality for a rock and roller. She displays the best vocal attributes of Sass Jordan and Brody Dalle. The song writing is solid and the music never wants for intensity even when the tempos are rolled back. Siouxsie Medley is a riff machine on guitar and has a great presence throughout the album, sounding like the sonic love child of The Edge and Joan Jett. Medley dominates when rocking out on cuts like ‘Monumental Holiday’ and ‘Test on my Patience’ but proves to be an expert architect of atmosphere on ‘Timed Blues’.

The rhythm section of Sean Friday and Chris Null lock in as if they are one powerful engine revved up and careening from ditch to ditch. Dead Sara will fit nicely in your collection between bands like The Answer and Rival Sons. ‘Lemon Scent’ comes with Armstrong’s warning that things are going to get personal, and she’s right. That song should be mandatory for inclusion on every “I Couldn’t Be More Pissed” playlist. This is a can’t miss album for rock fans!

Dead Sara will be out on the road this fall (2012) with The Offspring.

dave buzard


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