DAVV of Zürich releases Technique Magique on Ikarus Records

Written by Josh Snider

DAVV (from Zürich, Switzerland) proudly presents the first single ::Low Tune:: of the upcoming album ::Technique Magique::, which will be released on January 17th, 2014 on Ikarus Records.

Oppligallo and Bellmonte have produced this video in collaboration with Walt Disney Motion Picture Group. It's a new 5-D-thing.....

The new album TECHNIQUE MAGIQUE will be released as vinyl and download. The band has produced it itself, Ali Chant (Pj Harvey, John Parish...) has mixed it in Bristol.

The release-show will take place in Zürich, Dynamo Werk 21, on January 22nd 2014.

DAVV did support-shows for the Raveonettes(DK), Besnard Lakes(CAN), Trust(CAN) etc.
DAVV played about 20 shows during the last winter/spring-club-season 2012/13 - some of them in Germany.

On blogspot you can check the past shows.

The new album combines the old-DAVV-style (sweet melodies, wall of synthesizers...) and some new things ( a drumcomputer, and the passion to try new things out). But this are just boring words... Download the whole album TECHNIQUE MAGIQUE and listen to it.

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Video of the single LET US GO WILD

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