Damn by Blind

Written by sketchydave

Title: Damn
Company: Blind
Produced by:Mike Manzoori Bill Weiss
Runtime: 35 Minutes


To me the new Blind video sums it all up in the name. I’m not going to make this a Lengthy review, because the title serves the video well as its own review. Damn from the first part comes out swinging with huge tricks by an amazingly talented skater Kevin Romar. If you thought this guy was a good skater before . . Well you’ll be thinking even better of him after watching this video . If you haven’t heard of Kevin you’ll wonder what rock you've been hiding under after watching his part.

This video from beginning to end keeps the theme of you having to repeat the title over, and over again in your head . Whether It be the technical aspects of the trick being done or the size of the object being skated the talented group of skaters will keep your attention the whole way through.
Also if you haven’t heard of Cody McEntire make sure to give his part a couple rewinds. Up until this point I really had seen much of skating anywhere, but I wasn't disappointed by his video part at all! Plus I some of you might really enjoy the song to his part by Goathead . (I did !!)

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my reviews. I can guarantee a couple in the very near future. Including a local video review and interview! Ride or Die That is all.

Track List
Intro - Viva Voce - Fashionably Lonely
Kevin Romar - Dojo Cuts - I Can Give
Ronnie Creager and Cody McEntire - Goat – Goathead
Sewa Kroetkov - Ruby Velle and The Soulphonics - Feet On The Ground
Morgan Smith - The Hygrades - In The Jungle
Yuri Facchini - Lee Fields and The Expressions - Money Is King
TJ Rogers - Pepper Rabbit - Tiny Fingers
Filipe Ortiz - Iron Claw – Winter
Credits - Rocket Girl Records – Photon
Track list credit to www.skatevideosite.com
And here is a sneak peak !

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