Dale Turner - Mannerisms Magnified

Written by Mary Dean

Posted Oct 23, 2011, by Mary Dean.


Genre: Alternative;
I must be honest when I first saw this record, I thought this was going to be an acoustic album with heart felt songs about life and what not. As I pressed play for the first track, I was blown away. I was totally wrong. This isn't an album I have heard before. This definately was not just another acoustic folk singer expressing his/her feelings in the form of music. Mannerisms Magnified is filled with songs that make a person smile, laugh, & really feel the words swarm around them. This album is nothin you have experienced. And the experience is not easily put into words. Not one song could fit into a genre category. Each song starts out one way and totally surprises you throughout. I would highly recommend this album to music lovers alike. You'll discover how it all flows perfectly together. Take the journey with Dale Turner and open your mind. Enjoy the ride.

Check out his website at www.IntimateAudio.com

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