Crown Point - Curtains

Written by dbuzard

Artist: Crown Point
Album: Curtains EP
Genre: Pop/Rock
Label: In Music We Trust
Producers: Self Produced

Put a handful of focused young men in a room with guitars, guts, and a burning intensity to be heard, and you will get something worth listening to. Crown Point brings the passion and the pain in equal measure on their latest EP, Curtains. The Portland quartet’s musical influences are varied and numerous and come pouring through vibrantly. From the first notes of ‘Curtains Drawn’, which echoes Muse and Live and continues across seven songs to the stripped and vulnerable, ‘Records on the Radio’, reminiscent of The Verve Pipe or Rob Thomas, Crown Point tips their collective hat to their heroes. Kudos to these men for picking solid, post rock, icons as musical touchstones; it works for them.

But Crown Point’s strength is not built upon complex riffs or blasting beats, it’s the songwriting sensibilities of Jon Davidson and Russell Stafford. The writing duo bare their souls anew with each chord change and are not shy about questioning the biggest of life’s big pictures from every angle.
Curtains could be the vehicle that launches Crown Point to wide spread exposure. There is substance to the writing and the themes are heartfelt and universal. There may not be a summer radio anthem in the mix here, but the CW Network should be optioning every one of these songs for the season finale for each of their shows.
Standout tracks: ‘Curtains Drawn’, ‘Records on the Radio’, and ‘Afterbirth’.



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