ClubReak Live @ Leonardo's 8/9/07 (Hip-Hop)

Written by Jonny Havoc

ClubReak Live - Graffiti Artists - Cleen - DJ Lime - @ Leonardo's

Written Aug 9, 2007

After setting up the Big Smile merch Booth, banners and manikin and al that jazz, the smell of spray paint was in the air.

The night started with a bunch of graffiti artists out back of Leonard's. They were painting on the walls, and when they were done with their piece they would get a white paint roller and start over again or let someone else have their go at impressing the crowed. I didn't get any names but their art will speak for its self.

The music started, some freestyle with DJ Lime while people were coming in and had some back round music for the graffiti artists.
First up was CLEEN, cleen's performance was awesome, awesome beats and used background music from other older songs with great style. His lyrics are about how his life is, how things are around him, real life, and very clever. He defiantly flowed really well, everything was cleen. I also had the pleasure to interview him after his set, he's a really nice guy, defiantly has a lot of good stuff to say, very positive. that should be up soon, you should check it out.

Between the interview with CLEEN, and watching the graffiti artists I came in right as Beat Bums was almost finishing up their set so I missed them.

Awol One came up and when we was rapping it was all right, not to impressive to me. When we started singing other songs like Avril Lavigne "Since You've Been Gone" That's when it turned to bad karaoke.

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