CloseDown (Hardcore/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Posted Jan 22, 2007.

David - Guitar & VOcal
Alex - Vocals
Louis - Drum
Basiss - Bass
Keven - Guitar
What is your website?
What is your MySpace?
What is your PureVolume?
What genre is your music? Rock / Hardcore / Accoustique
What are some of the shows you have comming up? East Canada Tour with Epitaph Records Vanna
Your from Canada, could you explain the music scene ou there a little bit? Almost the same then the united state. A Bunch of bands (bad and good), a lot of shows everywhere.
Who got you interested in playing this kind of music? I would say all of our influences from greenday to glassjaw without forgetting kiss or craddle of filth
What is music to you? The greatest thing ever.
What other bands have you been in? Y-Nut, Caution, 55 Fat guys
What venue would you like to play the most that you haven't played at? Montreal Metropoplis
When, Where and How was your first show? 2002 with silverstein in Mont-Carmel, Qc in front of about 12 persons
Who do you one day want to play a show with or open for? Greenday
What inspires most of your lyrics? Passion and music
How many people in the band right now are the original band members? 4...Keven have joined us after our euro tour and just before we got on warped tour last summer after our guitarist had return to school
When was your band formed? 2002
Where do you wish for your band to be in 5 years? A place where we'll be proud and happy of our life whatever what it is
What do you think its going to take to get there? Passion and devotion
What is the best thing about being your band? Friendship
Where have you been playing lately and how has your response been? lately..nowhere cause we,re working on our next album. But i would say that last summer warped tour was freaking awesome!
Do you have any advice to starting bands? Be yourself..and nothing else
Does your religion effect your music? not at all
Any funny or interesting stories?
-being lost two day in a row for 4 hours each time in London (UK) looking for the venue. Ending paying a Cab and follow him to where we needed.
- Being arrested in a campground in Buffalo by cops for public nudity because David has showed his a* to us after being beaten at an xbox game.
i would have thounsand and thounsand storys like that to tell...but it wouldn't end!
Does being involved in playing music make you miss out on anything? Probably....but i dont wanna know
What advantage do you have above other people because you play music? Any. Preteding to Be on top of other people cause you're in a band suck
What were some of your favorite bands growing up? greenday, Propaghandhi, Kiss....
What would you say to a kid who has no faith in himself? In you dont beleive in you...who's gonna do it?
Do any of the members of the band play in any other bands? Keven is playing in a hardcore band called My Pride
Have you lost any fans for doing something drastic? Couldn't say... we should ask them... but we wont. Cause we're doing what we like, and the only reason for us to change anything, is to be better at our eyes.
Every bands music changes over the years, but do you like playing and the style of the old stuff? Sure we like old stuff.
Anything you would like to say to your fans reading this interview? We got a new album on the way. SHould be on the shelves around summer. Check it out.
Have you ever been on tour, how many and how did they go? We did a bunch of touring : France, UK, Germany, Belgium. Neatherland, Switzerland, East cost USA, Canada.....too many times!, etc.
How does it feel to tour with the band members? we fell like a familly
What do you guys do on the road to keep busy? Play Xbox, Watch Kate playground videos, Record stupid movie and song, Sleeping...
Do you have any advice to bands about to go on their first tour? Expect everythings to be the worst thing you've ever done. Then, once on the road, you'll be happy with everything happening.
Do you ever get/find groupies? ...........

You guys have a album on the way, do you have any idea when it will be out? Like i said before, we're putting the final touch on the writting. Should be hitting studio around spring and release the album as well as a new video around summer.
Have you come up with the title yet? Not at all
Where can we get it when it comes out? Every where wordlwide at your local cd store or on
What do you want people to get out of listening to your upcomming album? Discover something they like
Any advice for anyone thinking about making a CD? Take your time.

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